Great Coasters International, Inc

Introduction to GCII

Great Coasters International, Inc. offers the smoothest, most twisted and highest quality wooden roller coaster attractions in the world. Their staff of engineers, project coordinators, and field construction supervisors has earned the reputation of being the most conscientious in the business. Their attention to detail makes the addition of a GCII wooden coaster a solid investment. It is an investment with a company that views itself as your partner, offering a lifetime of service and support after the attraction is open.

Although they are capable of designing and building any type of wooden coaster, Great Coasters International specializes in “twister” type rides. These convoluted designs, coupled with their own Millennium Flyer articulating coaster trains, create an experience that emulates the acrobatic thrills of a modern roller coaster while retaining the nostalgic look and feel of a timeless, classic attraction.

Though wildly popular with guests of all ages, the GCII coaster is also built with the operator in mind. The art and craftsmanship of constructing the track to exact specifications ensures a smooth ride for the guest, and minimal maintenance for the operator. 

Their experience with over 50 coasters worldwide has also brought park owners to us for maintenance and repair work on existing coasters, both old and new.

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Great Coasters, Inc.

 Smoothest, most twisted and high-quality wood coasters


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