Silver Dollar City and Mack Break Multiple World Records

Jan 9, 2018 | Mack Rides, Roller Coasters

How do you make a serious impact on a major US theme park with a steel coaster in a country full of the biggest and best coasters in the world? You break multiple world records, that’s how. This March, Silver Dollar City will unveil the longest, fastest and tallest free Spinning Coaster on the planet. As if this weren’t enough, Time Traveler also features the worlds first Spinning Coaster with multiple inversions and multiple launches. Wow!!!

In 1997 the Mack family opened the first big Spinning Coaster in the world, Euro Mir, at Europa Park in Rust, Germany. While Euro Mir is indeed large, it is a controlled Spinning Coaster, not a free spinning one. Since then many Spinning Coasters have been installed across the globe, but they all lacked one essential attribute…..size. Leave it to folks at Herschend Family Entertainment and Silver Dollar City to remedy that.

We are very proud to be a part of such an amazing project and look forward to continuing to supply the best ride systems in the industry from its best providers.

We will see you in Branson!